WordTsar 0.1.960 Released

A large portion of this development cycle was spent on printing issues. In fact, I got so fed up with it, I ported WordTsar from wxWidgets to QT. Doing so helped me find the issue with wxWidgets printing (it’s a weird workaround), so the QT port has stopped (it works quite well though). The port also showed me how embedded wxWidgets was into this project, even where maybe it shouldn’t be, so I see a code cleanup in the future.

In this Release:


  • added .IG command based on user request
  • added spell checking (currently Linux only)

Bugs Fixed

  • printing should now look the same under Windows and Linux
  • creating a block ^KB – ^KK didn’t properly highlight the block
  • corrected caret so should now work under all OS’s (needs testing)

Known Issues

  • RTF import and export of headers and footers is incomplete
  • ^KP still not implemented, use ^OP
  • OSX keyboard input is incomplete
    See ticket system

For those interested, here is a screen shot of the QT version. It looks close to the same, but there are minor differences.

WordTsar 0.1.616 Released

Headers and Footers now implemented. Set them up, and ^OP to see the end result and print them

A minor bug fixed with printing and .rm, and ^KP is still not done (use ^OP)

I think what I’ll work on next is RTF export, to get it to support all the work done recently and make it easier to extend. Finally getting the Mac/OSX port back into a working state would be great as well.

WordTsar 0.1.491 Released

Another big step for the project. We can now print. Imagine that, a word processor that prints!

Due to a bit of a brain fart, I only implement ^OP (print preview) and forgot ^KP (print). It’ll be in the next release. Both will do the exact same thing anyway. There are also a few squiggly corner cases I may have missed with printing, but I’ll catch them next time.

I also changed the main window display a bit, there’s a progress meter in the status bar when formatting the document, and the bold/italic/etc indicators look a bit different.

That’s it. No bug fixes

I’ll do something new here as well, and tell you what I’m working on next. Because I need it, headers and footers will be implemented next.

WordTsar 0.1.345 Released

This release is a big step for the project. We’ve moved from an in-house Mercurial repo to Sourceforge, so now anyone can look at the code. It’s a bit sloppy in parts. Other changes are:

  • fixed a bug that stopped auto formatting of documents when they are loaded.
  • fixed a screen flicker introduced during ‘format on load’ code.
  • added math in dot command

The addition of math in dot commands means you can do simple things like .rm 8.5-1-1i to set the right margin to 6.5 inches. The math system will also do complex math like  2 * (pi / 4.7) + sqrt(7), but why would you want to?

WordTsar released released to fix a huge CPU hogging bug. Sorry.


This release (a long time coming) is an almost complete refactor of  the original WordTsar. Many speed increases, and it should be easier to add functionality.

I’m starting to use this version for my daily work, but beware, monsters may lurk in the corners.

For now, please use the forum to report bugs. I’m working on a public bug tracker.