WordTsar 0.2.2073 Released

I’ve used and am using this version extensively on Windows and Linix. There has been minimal testing under MacOS.

In this Release:

  • Fixed Ticket 18 (MacOS)
  • Fixed Ticket 17 (MacOS)
  • Fixed Ticket 15 (MacOS)
  • Fixed Ticket 16
  • Added full justification of text .ojon

Known Issues:

  • ^KP not implemented, use ^OP
  • .pt command can only be used once per document
  • See Ticket System at Sourceforge

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11 Responses to WordTsar 0.2.2073 Released

  1. Yuri says:
    Google Chrome 76.0.3809.89 Android 5.0

    Sorry, because of QT i have to switch to Abiword. I will not support QT in any way because of their lousy license-politics.

    • Gerald Brandt says:
      Mozilla Firefox 75.0 Ubuntu Linux

      There’s nothing I can do about that. Sorry to lose you.

  2. Rich says:
    Mozilla Firefox 76.0 Linux

    License politics? QT has been GPL since 2005:


  3. Arnel says:
    Google Chrome 84.0.4147.125 Android 10

    Hello, this is stupid question, but someone needs to ask it. How to install this on Ubuntu? Thanks!

    • Gerald Brandt says:
      Mozilla Firefox 79.0 Ubuntu Linux

      Hi Arnel,

      You can compile from source, or if you’re running 19.10, you can place the binary somewhere and run that from the command line.

      There is no installation process at this time… probably when we get out of alpha.

      • AmazingJeeves says:
        Google Chrome 88.0.4324.187

        For those of us who are absolute n00bs … and who haven’t yet figured out how to run the binary from the command line … how do we do that? 🙂

        • Gerald Brandt says:
          Mozilla Firefox 88.0 Ubuntu Linux


          I’m assuming your talking the Linux release? Try the latest 0.3.276 release AppImage file. You Linux needs to support AppImage… most do.


  4. Bob Arnold says:
    Mozilla Firefox 83.0 Windows NT

    I am a little confused — WordTsar opens with a blank document in edit mode — no opening menu (as in traditional WordStar), no command to open an existing document. How can one return to a saved document to continue editing?

    • Gerald Brandt says:
      Mozilla Firefox 83.0 Ubuntu Linux

      ^KR will open/read a new file. I’ll either have an opening screen that will ask, or maybe just add a menu bar.

  5. Snake says:
    Google Chrome 90.0.4430.93 Mac OS X 10.15.7

    Won’t launch properly under MacOS Big Sur 11.3

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