WordTsar 0.2.2073 Released

I’ve used and am using this version extensively on Windows and Linix. There has been minimal testing under MacOS.

In this Release:

  • Fixed Ticket 18 (MacOS)
  • Fixed Ticket 17 (MacOS)
  • Fixed Ticket 15 (MacOS)
  • Fixed Ticket 16
  • Added full justification of text .ojon

Known Issues:

  • ^KP not implemented, use ^OP
  • .pt command can only be used once per document
  • See Ticket System at Sourceforge

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3 Responses to WordTsar 0.2.2073 Released

  1. Yuri says:
    Google Chrome 76.0.3809.89 Android 5.0

    Sorry, because of QT i have to switch to Abiword. I will not support QT in any way because of their lousy license-politics.

    • Gerald Brandt says:
      Mozilla Firefox 75.0 Ubuntu Linux

      There’s nothing I can do about that. Sorry to lose you.

  2. Rich says:
    Mozilla Firefox 76.0 Linux

    License politics? QT has been GPL since 2005:


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