WordTsar released released to fix a huge CPU hogging bug. Sorry.


This release (a long time coming) is an almost complete refactor of  the original WordTsar. Many speed increases, and it should be easier to add functionality.

I’m starting to use this version for my daily work, but beware, monsters may lurk in the corners.

For now, please use the forum to report bugs. I’m working on a public bug tracker.

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2 Responses to WordTsar released

  1. James Stallings says:
    Mozilla Firefox 56.0 Windows NT

    Is this version open source?

    • Gerald Brandt says:
      Google Chrome 67.0.3396.99 Linux

      Source is not yet available. Binaries only. It’ll be open source (BSD or GPL, not sure yet), when it gets a bit more feature complete.

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