WordTsar 0.1.1314 Released

Most of the work in this version was done to support different paper sizes.

In this Release:

  • Work on the caret to make it the same across platforms
  • added a page layout dialog ^OY
  • completed .po .poe .poo .mt .mb .hm .fm commands
  • added new command .pt to specify paper type (auto added by ^OY)
  • moved RTF code to make it easier to work on
  • sped up loading LibreOffice’s bloated RTF


  • .pt command (a non Wordstar dot command) specifies paper type/size. You can use ^OY to specify the paper. Wordstar doesn’t really care about paper size, it uses whatever is in the printer and the .rm .pl, etc commands to print on that paper. Modern printers can have multiple paper bins, and auto select the bin based on paper size.
  • Is no longer hard coded to 8.5″ x 11″ paper size
  • .po .poe .poo .mt .mb .hm and .fm are all implemented
  • bad dot commands are highlighted in a different color as well as having the ‘?’ in the right margin

Bugs Fixed

  • more work on the carat.

Known Issues

  • RTF support for many dot commands is not implemented (see implemented.xlsx)
  • ^KP not implemented, use ^OP
  • GTK print preview displays a black page. Printing still works fine. This is a wxWidgets issue.
  • .pt command can only be used once per document, all others are ignored. (wxWidgets doesn’t let you change paper type on the fly)
  • OSX keyboard input does not work
  • See Ticket System


It’s time for a bit of code cleanup. Don’t expect any new command or key sequences in the next release. After the code cleanup, I’d like to move RTF import and export into a first class citizen so it can be a native file format for WordTsar right beside Wordstar files.

In the background, I’m thinking of adding column support and how to add table support (Comments welcome. Wordstar never had the concept of tables, really).