Release 0.3 build 276

This is another large release. This is the first stable release with a complete UTF-8 based backend. I’m still calling it pre-alpha because I’ve only really run it on Linux (quite extensively).

In this Release:

  • UTF-8 Backend (see below for tech details)
  • New RTF loader (less complete, but more robust)
  • New DOCX loader (incomplete, but not bad)

Bug Fixes:

  • Yeah, a lot of corner-cases from moving to UTF-8
  • Actual UTF-8 data entry from keyboard has not been tested, just copy from web to WordTsar.
  • I reset the build number for this release. Don’t ask me why, I can’t remember.

Tech Details

Every version of WordTsar has been using a gapbuffer for it’s underlying document buffer. Adding UTF-8 support added created issues with the single buffer issue. We now use a plain buffer per paragraph, and have seen some slow downs because of it. We’ve added caching that should get around that.

Carat movement is all grapheme based. If a grapheme is made up of multiple codepoints, deleting will remove the entire grapheme.

The File save and load routines don’t fully understand UTF-8 yet. Wordstar file save and load most likely never will.

I’m a Canadian English writer. All of this UTF-8 stuff needs more testing than I was able to give it.

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  1. extrowerk says:
    Safari 605.1.15 Mac OS

    WordTsar works on Haiku too, i just compiled it:

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