Release 0.3 build 313

This is marked as pre-alpha because of the Unicode backend changes… it is stable for me, but I don’t do a lot of Unicode work. RTF and DOCX File IO isn’t unicode aware yet either.

This is a bug fix only release, and all users are recommended to update.

Fixed Tickets #37 RTF files not saving
Fixed Tickets #36 Catch Window close to possibly save file
Fixed Tickets #35 DOCX incorrectly says it can save files
Fixed Tickets #34 Wordstar save fonts failing
Fixed Tickets #32 Crash on macOS when exiting
Fixed Tickets #30 page break spacing while editing

Note on Wordstar fonts

Switching from WxWidgets to QT lost us some granularity on fonts. With WxWdigets, I was able to find out is a font was serif or san serif, proportional or monospaced, and even what codepage it was from. I haven’t figiured out how (or if) I can do that in Qt yet.
Any Wordstar file loaded with font information will saved with that font information intact. If you insert new fonts during editing and save, those new fonts will be converted to Courier or Times New Roman, since the only information Qt gives me is proportional or monospaced. Ugh.

What happened to 03..312?

I released it with RTF file saving turned off, so I deleted the release and did a quick update to 0.3.313 with that error fixed.