What is WordTsar?

WordTsar is a modern day Wordstar clone.  It is GUI based, and runs on Linux, Windows, and OSX.

I’ve been using WordTsar in all of my work for the last year. It hasn’t lost data, and it hasn’t crashed. It’s also not complete, and has a couple of bugs. It does exactly what I need to get my work done, and when I need something else, I code it. And although that method works for me, it doesn’t work for getting something out the door.

wordstar clone

So here is what I plan to do. I’ll finish the next feature set and make an Alpha Release available to a limited number of registered testers. The release will be for Windows, Linux, and OSX (see below). It’s called Alpha because it is not feature complete, and it’s only been tested by one person. What I’m looking for from my testers, is continual feedback and feature requests. I’ll try to get a voting system in place to rank the features, and work on them in order. Features will be limited to items that are available in Wordstar 7.0d only. Once WordTsar gets a bit more feature complete, I’ll allow feature requests for items not in Wordstar.

Testers Needed

Please the the registration tab above.

I’m looking for active testers, people that want to use WordTsar and make it better. If you just want to play to see what it’s like, please don’t register as a tester at this time… there will be an opportunity later on in WordTsars development cycle.

You’ll receive an email in return specifying whether you have been accepted as a tester or not. At this point, I don’t see anyone being turned down, but you never know. Your email address will be added to a distribution list I can use to send announcements.

For my part in this tester/developer relationship, I’ll do my best to get new releases out on a regular basis, and get a working Wordstar clone out the door for you.

Let me state again, WordTsar is not feature complete.  For a brief overview of what is done, see this post: http://geraldbrandt.com/2013/05/06/wordtsar-update-2/.  That page will link to a couple of other pages, where you can find more infromation.

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2 Responses to What is WordTsar?

  1. Dee says:
    Mozilla Firefox 30.0 Ubuntu Linux

    Using WS7.0 (also 3) on Win98SE, hope to use it on Linux Mint.
    Have additions to my dictionary, would it port to WorsTsar?

    Use old MailMerge macros form 3.0 on 7.0, will same work on
    WordTsar? Sort comma delimited data sets with simple Novel
    DOS 7 utilities (grep in Linux).

    On Win98SE compose and spell check on WS7.0 and save to
    ASCII text file. Open with WordPerfect 10 to format pages,
    adjust fonts, etc. or open in LibreOffice on Linux for the same.

    Expect WordTsar may save a step or two dirctly on my Linux
    system without the USB chip network.

    If you have the time your responses would be apreciated.

    • gbr says:
      Google Chrome 39.0.2171.95 Mac OS X 10.10.1


      WordTsar is still Alpha quality, and doesn’t support all the features of the original Wordstar. Although we do spel check under Linux, I doubt it is compatible with the old Wordstar. I don’t even know what the format of the original file is. My format is a straight list of words, one word per line.

      No MailMerge work has been done.

      WordTsar will save to straight ASCII if you save with the text extension (.txt). It will also save to .rtf, but that is still fairly basic.

      There hasn’t been a release of WordTsar in quite awhile. It’s still being worked on, but I managed to get it into an unstable state and still haven’t quite figured out what is wrong. There wil be new releases coming though.


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