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Author Topic: Alpha 0.42 Released
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Post Alpha 0.42 Released
on: 2013-06-07 09:47

Testers can download it as specified in the original email sent to them.

See the Known Issues forum for known issues with this release, and planned upcoming work.

In this Release:

214 - Implement ^QS and ^QD

215 - Implement ^QB and ^QK

Bugs Fixed
191 - Mouse click past end of line moves cursor to next line

196 - Wordwrap on dot commands should occur at page edge, not margin

200 - Justify affects margin settings
When margins were added (.lm, .rm) and centering or right justify were in, the margin widths are not caluclated in to offset for display

204 - Word wrap wraps to soon
The current brute force word wrap work perfectly on the first line of a paragraph. After that, it wraps the line too soon.

210 - ^OC and ^O] Do not behave properly
^OC centres the current line and all lines after it, behaving more like .ojc
^O] centres the current line and all lines after it, behaving more like .ojr

213 - OSX looks for /etc/issue in wxDebugReport

218 - ^T at end of file fails
Using ^T at the end of the file (i.e. no text to delete) causes the
program to freeze. In Win7 it usually recovers after about 10-15 seconds,
but in Lubuntu it doesn't.

219 - ^U adds extra line
1. on a single line 'paragraph'
2. on the first line of a multi line paragraph.

220 - ^F skips final position in line

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3 Responses to Forum

  1. DMcCunney says:
    Mozilla Firefox 24.0 Windows XP

    I have 567 fonts in Windows, and have had more. (I’m a designer among other things, and collect fonts.)

    This issue also bit Mozilla, as MS library code in Windows builds was tediously enumerating fonts, which did nasty things to Firefox load speed on Windows. Mozilla had an open ticket with MS about it. IIRC, the same issue bit Chrome. (I don’t recall the resolution, and would have to poke around in Bugzilla to see what was done.)

    If you want to do a build that skips the font list build, I’ll test it. It might be best to skip the enumeration on load, and only do it if an operation that uses font requires it.

  2. fofirama says:
    Mozilla 11.0 Windows 7

    Hello, I just noticed that the latest post on the Forum was posted on 28 September last year. Is the development of Wordtsar still progressing?

    • gbr says:
      Google Chrome 33.0.1750.146 Mac OS X 10.9.2


      Yes, still active, though slowed down a bit. I use it everyday.

      What is slowing things down right now is a re-vamp of the core routines to make them thread safe. The current version has an issue where if (for example) you turn on line spacing:

      .ls 2

      The screen is immediately updated with the line spacing. However, the page count doesn’t increase, because WordTsar only updates the current view, not the document. So, I need to background thread the document formatting stuff.

      It’s not as easy as it sounds, since all GUI work under Windows must be done in the main process, not in threads. Figuring out font sizes (which is, of course, critical in layout) is considerred GUI work.

      I’m getting there, but need a bit of patience.

      I think what I’ll be doing is moving the current WordTsar binaries to a more public place, let more people download and use it as it currently stands.