WordTsar 0.1.1977 Released

I’ve used and am using this version extensively on Windows and Linux.

OSX version is being worked on.

Windows and Linux versions only.

In this Release:

Fixed Ticket 11
Fixed ticket 12
Added RTF export for subscript, superscript, and strikethrough
Added RTF export of columns
Changed RTF right margin to use /ri and not /margr
Added RTF export headers and footers
Added RTF export save hyphenation
Added RTF export margin settings
Added RTF export of indexes
Added RTF export of kerning on or off
Added RTF export save top, bottom, and paragraph margins
Added RTF export save page offset ((for odd and even pages, we use .poo to set RTF gutter (RTF only allows one setting))
Added RTF export save tabs
Added RTF paragraph alignment
Corrected Wordstar .mb usage
Fixed Windows scrollwheel use
Corrected RTF export unicode character support
Sped up RTF saving
Removed use of fontcache
Fixed wrong display of pagebreak at top of window
Fixed layout speed, especially under Linux
Corrected Linux layout to better match Word and LibreOffice


Nothing on the WordTsar side really.
Improved RTF export
Faster Layout

Bugs Fixed

Ticket 11 and 12

Known Issues

RTF support for many dot commands is not implemented (see implemented.xlsx)
^KP not implemented, use ^OP
.pt command can only be used once per document, all others are ignored. (wxWidgets doesn't let you change paper type on the fly)
OSX keyboard input does not work
See Ticket System
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